Pronounced in Sebastian the Crab's voice! 'Arielle, life unda da sea is betta dan anyting dey got up there...'

Brand new shimmery mix. Choose your festival bag/pot size and get glittering!





    1) Spread the glitter gel fix to the area you want the glitter.

    2) Use a flat brush and wipe a little bit of the gel fix on to it.

    3) Dab the brush in to the glitter and pat on to the face!



    1) If you have already applied glitter to the face but bits have fallen off, you can put some gel fix over glitter thats already there and apply more glitter! More is more right?

    2) If you are planning on really large areas of glitter eg: shoulders, chest use VO5 hair gel as it spreads over large areas and is safe for the skin.

    3) Be careful around the eye area, especially with the chunky glitters